I know I Am Courageous … courageously facing fears and walking right up … stumbling at times … ok even triggering a panic attack with a “verge” (on the verge) of crying ,,, not calming tears that refresh after they leave but balling -hiccuping -screaming tears threatening to show themselves. Not that if one should see, the revealing of a truth would bring my whole life tumbling down. Too late for worrying what others think. The facing of and walking towards has already discarded the old belief systems and social norms that can be so entrapping and dumbs us down. The stepping itself is not defining any purpose even. The goal itself is not the magical answer. It is the moving forward towards and doing this NEW thing in the most Right Way that reveals, enlightens, frees me. I know this so deep it’s undefinable. The threatening explosive/implosive tears is the recycling of or transmuting of.
The Right Way for me is important. It is what defines my courage. It is facing with compassionate love all things within me and outside of me. Authentic truth revealing as I move and become something new to the outside world. What it reveals to others doesn’t matter to me. But I know the REVEALING is magical and that is empowering me to keep going. Truth in itself, liberating all life. Compassionate love for myself, liberating all life.
I am the observer, standing in a moment of time, choosing a new path … mentally, emotionally and physically making that happen. I will hold your hand as YOU take your steps facing your fears and discarding the old that keeps you enslaved.

I am grateful for all who have held my hand. I do not know you but I am assisted by your courage vibration and your love for yourself. The world is changed by each and every “facing of fears” . A FREEDOM that allows for all life a moment to stop and take notice.  A choice point to a better way has been made available in the matrix that we all exist within. I am grateful for all … ALL… life that courageously moves towards authentic truth and in doing so, assists me in my course to freedom <3