Learning how to live from my inner Truth in a world of illusions & delusional agendas.

Soak up the Sun, dive DEEP in the waters, sense all about you … within and without. All nature provides the awakening and helps us to utilize of all our senses …. and that is not limited to the five you may have been taught was all there was. Sensing your inner Self …. Self Esteem, Self Confidence, Self Love comes without any comparison. Free of all judgement and free of any past experiences of a lifetime or lifetimes.

I have never been interested in a title, family line, color, shape, ownership of any matter substance. So strange to hear the questions on others minds and to hear one ask another. Even in the so called spiritual world with it’s titles and lifetime memories. It all seems so meaningless to me. I show up without the systematic engraining of belief of the need to measure another based on judgements that are part of the “human condition” … which believes in control to master this game of life we are living. To protect or gain something “needed” to position oneself for greater “power over”. Fear of being “less than” and so unloveable … by who?

So if one is aware of this conditioning and dumbing down and has been able to stop and look and listen and perceive a greater reality beyond the strategically laid mesh of sticky thought forms that WE created and re-create every moment, then it becomes how to transcend the patterning and becoming whole while living as part of all that is … seemingly currently F’ed up. How to be living free of the control agendas and fear mongering we used to participate in just by following it’s rules.

Being present in the NOW as so often we hear to do by those who have glimpsed their Loving Self. Breathing in and out with focus on the sensing of greater love all around us. It IS there. Look for it in your despair/anger/sadness/frustration. We are challenged everyday with our own mind patterning which may create a reality of lack in someway. Competitive people, the need for money to “survive”, the desire for things that show the world we are loved so that we will be valued. I see this with some very spiritually based people living in a collective of dark, desperate and lonely consciousness. I understand the struggle to be authentically transparently sovereign within the muck as all awakens and transfigures itself into it’s true loving nature.

I feel the sinister pull of desire to play that game at times. I try to DISENGAGE even when there are indeed moments I feel like conquering another who wished/wishes to disempower me. When another tries to purposefully take away my value and feeling of self love…. by manipulating the moment/situation/co-creation with an agenda of gaining power over me …. to feel better than/successful/loved …. or even to feed off the fear and pain they may be able to create. BUT this pull of desire to play that “old game” or conquer that “old system” is PART OF that game/system. It is NOT me. I do not play. Many others have not and do not see the benefit of my choices. The desire to show that my choices are to support a more sovereign “game”, is also part of the “old system”. There is no need to show anything to anyone. Tricky stuff this human lifetime on Earth can be!

What I have found that works well for me when I’m feeling FREE or when I am dense with the job of clearing my inner universe of all the DNA imbalances it carries, is to soak up the Sun’s Eternal Rays. Dive deep into water. Use all my sensing abilities to BE part of nature that is connected to Eternal Earth’s Core and ride that PEACE wave through the breath everlasting as this body vehicle moves through this plane of existence in this space and time. My own body elements as part of Earth and Stars, hold Eternal Light in every atom. I soak up That Sun and dive deep in those waters and I continue to expand my awareness of ALL that IS LOVE. <3