Personal Assistant

It is my passion to help others share what they know and love to do. How would you like to free up time so you are able to do the things you love to do? I have a variety of work experience and skills that have helped others in creating a more balanced lifestyle and happy home.

I consider the bigger picture while addressing each detail in reaching a goal. This combined perspective proves very helpful as a PA in any kind of assistance role.

Some of the tasks I can assist you with are listed below:

  • Administrative/Executive assistance in any small business. Duties such as appointment setting/scheduling, email organization, Project management, Social Media posts, Website updates and more.
  • Domestic home health care – Home edits of closets, rooms and storage areas. Household chores, running errands, creating a home gardens. Deep cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment.
  • Personal in-home care, companionship, exercise, calendars, scheduling.
  • Co-Creating balance and healing within your own physical body. With my knowledge of esoteric healing and ability to sense your fields and locate imbalances, I guide you through learning greater awareness and finding the right tools for you to heal YOU. Self-Empowerment on all levels.
  • Meditations and Breath work to calm the mind and open the heart.
  • Assisting you in keeping up with todays technologies so that you can stay connected. iPhone/Smart Phones, iPad/Tablets , Laptops/Computers.
  • Pet sitting/dog walking ~ making sure our loved ones are safe and happy.

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