Healing Testimonials

“I didn’t have the weird dreams that I’ve been having lately last night!  I only hit the snooze twice this morning instead of about 6 times….  Last evening I felt very “light”  – like a weight had been lifted.  And you were correct…I could breathe fuller. Hoping this sticks around because I’m liking it!  Thank-you!!!
~ Shannon M.

Over the past year working with Quimby, I have had a great shift in my consciousness and personal awakening. It has been an ever evolving process that has been guided with profound insight and love. During our sessions I have generated more compassion and understanding. I have created an stronger sense of self and well-being. I have come to better understand my own internal working of my mind and surrounds. I have found clarity and answers to specific questions I was seeking, while learning to trust my own intuition. Most importantly, I have found happiness doing what I love and discovered how to be of service to others. I can not thank her enough for the support she has given me. I feel eternally grateful for all she has done.”
~ Sarah Anne Stewart, Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP)

Quimby is a unique and gifted healer who uses her knowledge of
Quantum Bio-Energy to facilitate and enhance the flow of energy in the
body, mind and spirit. As a practitioner of Chinese medicine and
acupuncturist I am aware of the profound shifts in my own energetic
system during her treatments. I always feel a sense of well being and
peace afterward. Quimby is also a fantastic resource of knowledge and
is always willing to explain her methods and answer any questions
along the way. I am grateful for her wisdom and abilities, which have
been of tremendous benefit to me in all aspects of my life. Thank you,
~ Julianne Rosinski MSTOM, Dipl. Ac., Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine and Chinese herbology.

My session with Quimby was such a healing experience and validation of my true self. During our work together I felt a warm calm come over me, and an immediate shift in my mood and entire being took place. I felt as though our energies were aligned and all that I needed to receive was coming to me. Knowing I have Quimby’s healing sessions to turn to when I feel blocked has opened up a safe space for me to feel supported and guided.”
~ Holly Goodwin

I had the great opportunity to experience a Bio-Energy Healing session with Quimby for a migraine headache that I was experiencing. I did not know what to expect as I had never had a healing with Quimby before, and have never even experienced this type of energy work. It was done remotely so, as guided, I laid down and relaxed for 45 minutes. Shortly into the session I was surprised to feel energy shifts and movement in my physical, and energetic body. I felt so relaxed and at peace during the entire session. By the time I received notification that the session was over, my migraine had subsided and I felt a renewal of my physical energy! What an awesome healing experience! Thank you Quimby!”
~ C.L. Lansing, MI

I was attending a weekend seminar in Canada. My breathing was becoming more labored and concerning to me for a variety. I thought of Quimby and wondered if she could help me.  I sent a text to Quimby and told her what was happening. Fortunately, she was home and told me to sit quietly in the chair in the room and she would check me. I had never experienced a remote energy session before and was not sure what would be happening. I could feel Quimby’s energy working slowly thru my body. As she worked thru the lung area I could feel my lungs calming and my breathing becoming less labored. Because of Quimby’s assistance 6 hours away, I was able to attend the seminar and not wheez and gasp for a breath whether sitting or walking. The irritation in my lungs caused from breathing gas off chemicals from new furniture, bedding and carpet had significantly calmed. I was amazed and grateful for Quimby’s assistance and her ability to make all of that happen. I became an instant fan of her esoteric energy work. I have since referred several family members, friends and clients who I knew would benefit from her expertise.
~ Gail H.