Esoteric & Reconnective Healing

Quantum/Bio-energy Esoteric Healing is an artfully applied science and a practical skill where knowledge and intuition are applied to the healing of the bio energy systems of the body. Esoteric meaning the inner house of true wisdom. With the ability to connect with the energy field that surrounds and flows through the body structure, the practitioner can work with the causes of the problem or illness which is being presented. The human body consists of the physical/etheric body as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual body. There are seven major centers of energy and many more lesser centers of energy within the body. Each of the major centers enliven it’s related nerve center, endocrine gland, related organs and related systems. Blocks in the energy flow of the emotional, mental or spiritual bodies will eventually cause dis-ease in the physical body. With potent and objective love energy, the block can be released and balance restored. The body is then able to begin healing itself. “It is more commonly known today that “ With the existence of the etheric body now becoming an accepted fact, medicine is standing on the verge of a totally new approach to disease and its treatment. As yet there are, however, only few who fully recognize the extent of the implications of this so-called ‘electro-magnetic field’, and that it constitutes the mainstay of all physical existence … ” Aart Jurriaanse A trained Esoteric Practitioner can easily feel the energy fields surrounding the physical body. By holding specific points of light and allowing higher Divine energy of Love to flow into the area, releasing can occur and a more joyful and purpose filled life can be had.

The science on energy healing HERE.



Become Aware of the Force of Love within You
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