Labyrinth Adventures

What if. . .  life is not a maze but a labyrinth, a path that meanders to give us different views, doubles back on itself to give us multiple chances to see clearly, lets us revisit our joys &10557264_662786280484161_4110228984934593219_n sorrows but in the end always takes us to the sacred centre- to Life, to Love, to the Wholeness of which we are made & by which we are held? How would imagining life this way affect the quality of your day? The thing about the labyrinth is that you don’t have to worry about the destination- that’s assured. We can relax & play with different ways to travel- fast, slow, stretching upward, turning inward, low to the ground, dancing, paying attention to what is around us. . . the possibilities & opportunities to contribute are endless. It’s not a problem to be solved, not a test to be passed, but a journey to savour & drop into with each step.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer

Solomon’s 11 circuit Labyrinth built in Chartres Cathedral, is a symbol of Geometric mary-magdalene-thumbPerfection in the “Teachings of the Way” referred to in the red book “Libro Rosso” also known as The Book of Love. Inspired by the Gospel of Mary found in the 2nd Century AD ~

You may walk a Labyrinth or trace through one with your hand. There is all sorts of wonderful information about the benefits this may bring. Most often one is encouraged to walk in towards the center with the attitude of releasing the days problems or issues at hand. While in the center, there is the quiet space of receiving Divine inspirations and guidance. Walking out The Labyrinth is a time of returning and sharing with the Earth your Divine aspect. Co-creating with the energies received.

The Labyrinth has been a place of comfort, discovery and adventure for me. Since guided to create this beautiful Chartreuse design in my back yard, so many doors of learning and compassionate love have opened and I am glad to share it with whomever feels lead to walk this path ;). Maybe I will start a journal of the wonderful times in the Labyrinth. It certainly is journal worthy. Check out the Labyrinth images if you like. You may be inspired to co-create a Labyrinth yourself.  Namaste <3

The Chartreuse Labyrinth has been used for centuries in various ways and within various cultures. Below are some fun facts about the design. Release, Receive and Return in Joy <3

Labyrinth Symbolism