Meditation provides a way of connecting with the Higher self and Loving Essence, allowing healing of Body, Mind & Soul. The possible ways to find that inner peace  are infinite and unique to each individual. May this page provide a channel with which to connect with potential avenues of greater Life Force and inner growth for you.

Let me assist you in developing a meditation routine that fits your style. We can also plan some group meditations with friends and loved ones if that suits your needs.

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth. BEing in the NOW
Meditation benefits people with or without acute medical illness or stress. People who meditate regularly have been shown to feel less anxiety and depression. They also report that they experience more enjoyment and appreciation of life and that their relationships with others are improved. Meditation produces a state of deep relaxation and a sense of balance or equanimity. One may gain greater insight and understanding about one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. This insight in turn offers the possibility to feel more confident and in control of life. Meditation facilitates a greater sense of calmness, empathy, and acceptance of self and others. Check out the Audio/Video Meditations page!