Distance Healing Explained

Because energy follows thought, distance healing sessions are equally effective as an in-person session. Distant Healing is defined as a “mental intention on behalf of one person, to benefit another at a distance.” We are electrical and magnetic beings made of energy and emitting light. By tuning into our most important organ (the heart) we can access the source of this information and use that to send information out as well. We are all (every living thing) connected. Just as you are able to pray for someone anywhere in the world, the spark of the Divine in each of us allows the healing energies to travel through time and space as directed by the intent of the healer. When a person is able to raise their energy and consciousness above the limitations of time and space and connect with the person that requires the healing, profound work can take place. There are new discoveries every day and more studies being done to scientifically show how this process occurs. See The Physics Behind Energy Healing for more information.

Below are just a couple of youtube video’s you may wish to explore to better understand how Distance Healing can occur.