Esoteric ~ Meaning of the word

“Esoteric comes from  Greek word Esoterikos ‘belonging to an inner circle’ from estero ‘more within’, comparative adverb of eso, ‘within’,related to eis, ‘into’, en, ‘in’  (seen en-).

In English, originally of Pythagorean doctrines. According to Lucien, the division of teachings into exoteric and esoteric, originated with Aristotle. So in other words the exo and the eso could be likened to a donut, where the eso would be the donut hole …  and the exo which is the outer ring. …

*So the esoteric understanding is the inner house of true wisdom, the truth that lies within you.*

More about the origin of the word esoteric and how it relates to the world around us can be found in the article “Spell-Binding Word Majik made manifest” by the New Erath Academy director of syncretics and esoteric etymology.