Web Design Testimonials

I cannot express enough how valuable Quimby’s assistance has been to me in the creation and continued functioning of my website, not to mention the hours of attention she has given me to expanding my social media presence! She has a keen intuition when it comes to tuning into exactly what your vision is, and is able to allow that vision to creatively unfold in a seemingly effortless way. Whenever I have needed more guidance or help with technical support and updates, additions or deletions, and everything else that goes with managing and maintaining a website, she has been there for me. She really cares about you being successful in your business, and her support and enthusiasm for your growth and expansion shows. I will be forever grateful and thankful for Quimby’s assistance with my website, my business, and on my Path in life! Thank you Quimby!
~ Colleen Lemma, www.sacredsoulempowerment.com

Quimby helped me in all aspects of my website. After listening to what it was I was wanting and looking for she first assisted me with getting a URL, user name and password. She then offered various designs and color schemes for me to choose from and worked with me as I offered input to those designs. Quimby taught me how to add and edit information to my website so I was able to do it myself versus needing her to always do it for me. This was a huge time and money saver for me. When necessary software updates were needed Quimby would contact me to let me know they were there and to see if I wanted her to handle them or if I wanted to myself. Plus she always made sure I had a back up source for my website. If ever there was a glich in the system, it was Quimby who called GoDaddy for me to figure it out. I have had many clients find their way to me through my website. Quimby is kind and creative, and a delight to work with. I highly recommend her services.
~ Bonnie K. Dysinger, Gentle Touch Healing, www.gtheal.com.

Quimby has worked her special magic and helped me to build a website in a format I love and find easy to use. Her support, intuitive insight and suggestions have been a steady help through several fazes and transitions I have made and continue to make in my business. In what can be a confusing and frustrating technological world she made the process painless. Quimby’s ability to respond quickly and effectively make it very easy to apply special promotions or other materials to your site and remove it when no longer viable. I am deeply grateful for her commitment and ongoing support thought her website services.
~ Peggy Caputo, S.A.I.L. Professional Life Coaching, www.peggycaputo.com